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National Rose Co.
National Rose Co.

Wake up and smell the roses...

Originally chartered in 1912 as a bed spring and mattress factory, this was a place where comfort and rest were top of mind.  Providing quality mattresses and pillows, made by hand, the factory supplied mom and pop mercantile stores across the south. 
In that tradition, National Rose Co awakens from its slumber to bring you quality flats that welcome you home at the end of the day.  Whether you hit the sack in your comfortable apartment, nod off on the back porch, or saw logs in the hammock's out back, there's no question you'll dream of National Rose Co.  

Comfortable like the cool side of the pillow

Spaces designed for the way you live.

Spacious Floor Plans

Easily determine which apartment is right for you.

 Well-planned Amenities

We’re pleased to offer just what you need.  

Natural Light

Floor to ceiling windows let in the light and double panes keep things cool.


A place to lay your head

Apartments planned to perfection with simple extras and thoughtful amenities.  

But, no snoozers here.

Close to everything, and outside the fray. National Rose Co. is uniquely located with access to all that downtown has to offer, yet a little off the beaten path.  Located in the South End District of downtown, NATIONAL ROSE Co. is near Loflin Yard, South Pointe Grocery, Big River Crossing, and the newly renovated Tom Lee Park…Not to mention, the Farmer’s Market, Medicine Factory and the I-55 Interstate.


Galleries, bike tours, movies and more!

Great Dining

See a list of near by restaurants


Local groceries and shops right around the corner!

Want to see it for yourself?


Our residents love living here